The Wealthy Retirement Plan Book by Vicki Wusche
The De-Job Yourself Manual

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Why You Should Download The Wealth Tracker

Do you want to stop working in the way you are now JUST to pay the bills each month? This document will help you take control of your finances and then once mastered, you will be able to project expenses forward over the next 5 – 10 years and work out when you can afford to retire and if there is a gap – you will have the information to make a clear and radical plan!

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The Decision Tree

You have read the book now take action. Just focus on one step at a time – this set of questions will direct you towards your next step – make this year the most important, proactive, and successful year you have ever had.

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The De-Job Yourself Manual

This workbook is a vital first step for anyone thinking of investing in property, starting a business or wanting to create a Wealthy Retirement Plan. Filled with thought provoking and practical exercises this workbook will help you move towards your financial goals, helping you to shift from working for money to making money work for you. Break the link between working to pay the bills and living a wealthy life of your choosing.

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The Wealthy Retirement Scorecard

For a detailed and personalised report follow this link if you have not already taken the Scorecard.

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Take the Scorecard

Take the Readiness to Retire Wealthy Scorecard which assesses you against the 5 Key Principles of a Wealthy FUTURE.

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