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Vicki Wusche is one of the Telegraph’s top 25 most influential people in UK property, an engaging and dynamic presenter, and sought-after virtual speaker.

Vicki has spoken at face-to-face events, and online, in front of 10,000s entrepreneurs, encouraging them to understand what success really looks like for them. She always offers thought provoking insights and has been the keynote at The Business Show in ExCel, The Mermaid Theatre, Science Museum, as well as at local community and small business forums, plus a range of inspiring women’s events.

Her vision is to help business owners create profitable and enjoyable businesses that are also flexible and affordable working environments supporting staff and local communities. Financial leadership, while crucial in a business setting is also invaluable in a personal setting, especially if the business owner’s mission is to leave a legacy.

“By understanding the audience, Vicki was able to tailor her talk so that it was relevant to anyone. Inspiring and yet practical, we received great audience feedback and will continue to work with Vicki in the future.”

Jo Davidson, Founder Blue Cow

“Vicki Wusche is one of my favourite speakers and spoke for us three times. She was humorous, and thought provoking, most of all, she was an inspiration to a lot of people who want to become successful in property. Thank you, Vicki for being an awesome speaker.”

Juswant and Sylvia Rai, Berkshire Property Meet

“Got back an hour ago from your talk and feel I had to email you. Your presentation and delivery were brilliant. I liked the straight talking, and to me, this is a sign of being genuine.”

Barry Singh, Audience member

“Vicki’s presentation was really good. Vicki, you have a great way with words, and you definitely offered a fresh perspective in terms of cash flow and wealth.”

John Corey, Audience member

Why Book Vicki

Vicki’s passion is to get people thinking differently about money, clearly and unemotionally, and to understand how it can work for them. Her experiences as an employee, student, benefits recipient and entrepreneur have given her a unique perspective and a keen eye for pitfalls and opportunities. She is quick thinking and fast talking, keeping her audiences engaged, inspired, educated and empowered.

She will transform the way your audience thinks about money and what wealth means to them, their businesses and their teams. She will enable business owners to rethink their business models and how they can create truly wealthy lives for themselves, their families, workers and communities by doing more with less.

After hearing Vicki speak your audience will be inspired to….


As business owners – work with their teams to create a more positive work environment.

As individuals – spend more time with those that matter to them, while earning more than enough to support their family and contribute towards business growth.

Take Control

As business owners – support their workers and feel in control of their personal finances.

As individuals – feel less stressed and more focused as they identify their current financial position and what they need to achieve to ensure their long-term financial security.


As business owners – empower their workers to deliver impactful projects that make a difference.

As individuals – have a clear plan to make their resources work harder so they don’t have to – leaving them to prioritise ‘making a difference’ – the result of a truly wealthy life.

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