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Jon Cohen

Music Producer
“Vicki offered much more than simple advice and had access to good deals and a good team from lettings to maintenance. It took so much stress out of the buying process to know Vicki was in my corner.”

Katie Stibbs

Corporate Wellness Expert

I needed various options and a clear strategy for my business and finances. In one of the most useful 45 minutes of my life, Vicki shared ideas I hadn’t even thought of and a structured way to implement them. I am very much waiting for the next call.

Ranjan Majumdar

Investor and former IT consultant

“After successfully completing my first property with the careful guidance from Vicki, I never looked back. I bought one more property and then started working on my own sourcing business. Vicki is always by my side whenever I want some help. She is a wonderful mentor and I thank Vicki for showing me the path to success.”

Constance Lamb

“Vicki works with where you are and gets to know whether you’re comfortable with a low-risk or higher-risk strategy. No pressure. Utterly invaluable. If you get an opportunity to work with Vicki – grab it with both hands!!”

Jonathan Moore

UK Sales Director
“I just wanted to compliment you on your Wealth Tracker spreadsheet, the complimentary resource from your book The Wealthy Retirement Plan. This template really focusses in on the ability to manage finances. Its intuitive and easy to use.”

Taya and Paul Burke

Event organiser and Conductor
“Vicki uniquely combines a warm and empathetic style with an incisive approach to business and finance, and she can help you radically to clarify your thinking, to formulate a plan of action, and to follow it through with focus and energy.”

Laura Campbell

Business Operations Consultant
“Vicki has a wealth of knowledge and provides powerful guidance as you find your way through the financial maze. I would definitely recommend that you take her online Readiness to Retire Wealthy audit.”

Tina Fotherby

Founder of Famous PR
“Vicki has provided clarity and given me steps to take my business from good to great. I’ve never had greater clarity about my business’ future and Vicki has inspired me to view the situation with a fresh pair of eyes. ”

Bella King

Architect and developer
“Vicki has provided technical property advice, especially when analysing deals, business advice and lots of coaching and mindset support. One year after working with Vicki I finally handled in my notice and left my full-time job.”

James Kinsley

Finance Director
“It was immediately clear that Vicki has an expert grasp of her subject and can simplify complex ideas relating to investment and financing strategies. I would recommend her to anyone who is interested in building a portfolio of high cash flowing properties.”

Judith Green

Business owner and property investor
“Working with Vicki over the past 18 months has made very significant improvement to my finances. It’s been exploration into my life, and practical advice about buying property. Vicki gave sound business advice and encouragement to tweak my thoughts in a positive, focused, and motivated way.”

Gordon Glennister

Author of Influencer Marketing
“Vicki is really knowledgeable about property and how to get a good return, her books are packed full of great advice and tips. Vicki is someone you want on your “people I want to work with” list.”

Liz Harwood

Marketing Consultant
“Vicki helped underpin my decision-making process with her extensive knowledge of property and investments. In 10 months I invested, renovated and now selling for a significant profit. Working with Vicki really helped me clarify my position, make great decisions, and made me money!”

Jane Malyon

English Cream Tea company
“We had been looking at investment property and everywhere we turned, we got conflicting advice. The voice that proved to be helpful and accurate was Vicki’s. My goodness, she knows her stuff. Vicki’s guidance and direction throughout the process saved us money, and solved problems. We can’t recommend her highly enough.”

Carol Williams

“I ordered Vicki’s book from Amazon and was blown away by the possibilities of owning an investment property. I bought all her books and heard Vicki speak. I would recommend you work with her to change your life too.”

Stephen Billingham

“You are 100 miles an hour aren’t you!! Not sure about talk too much. What you have to say is worth hearing and you can never have too much of that!! Far too many people in this business talk too much, but not you!! ”

Nick Swales

“I just wanted to thank you enormously. I recently lost my job and had hit a brick wall with my property portfolio I just could not decide which would be the best direction to take. Vicki switched a light on for me and I have now decided to monetise all my years of property buying and refurbishment experience to source property for others. I like the way you keep your business methods very simple of which I will now apply to my business.”

Tom Evans

Author and Philanthropist

“We were financially secure but working harder than we needed. After a few strategy sessions with Vicki, and five years down the line, the story couldn’t be more different. We have a passive-house property that provides regular rental income, a liquid investment portfolio for long term security and a mortgage-free dream home. My wife has retired, and I am now free to craft my books, music, and meditations without having to worry about trading time for money. This would have been a much different path to financial freedom without Vicki’s help.”

Lee Thomas

Specialist life insurance provider
“Money was always a topic I preferred not to talk about. Vicki has been supportive, with a desire to help, at a pace I was comfortable to move at. I can’t recommend Vicki enough – whether you have money to invest, or a desire to create new income she will be a revelation.”

Warren Cass

Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur
“A really useful insight with practical suggestions as to where there might be holes in our retirement strategy. The AUDIT only took five minutes to complete but provoked my thinking for hours afterwards. I recommend it to everyone, a moment to focus and consider the future. Excellent… Thank you!”

Alison McRobert

Book keeper
“Talking to Vicki has changed the way I look at things. I have a better understanding of planning for the future, and I see opportunities instead of obstacles. Vicki has the ability to hear and clarify what I want to achieve and make the path to success personal to me. Time with Vicki is always well spent, as I come away with renewed inspiration.”

Anna Orchard

Property Investor

“Vicki’s clear steps on how to proceed and no-nonsense attitude to getting things done was both refreshing and reassuring. Vicki is very creative and provided new insight as to how I could progress offering several ways forward and challenging me to push myself to take action outside what I’d normally feel comfortable!”


“Perfect timing! Have been dealing with elderly relatives and their health issues, whilst thinking about our own retirement plans and then along comes Vicki’s new book and it truly resonated and made me want to develop my existing portfolio further. It’s written at a pace that suits the individual. Thank you, Vicki, I will be doing the checklists and spreadsheet with my wife, to increase our cashflow.”



“I was glued to this book. A blunt practical approach. A must for those of us who love “nice things’. I thought I had lots of money to spend at my stage in life not caring about retirement as I have a healthy work pension. However, the reality according to this book is that the funds may not be there for my retirement.”

Margaret Agius

“I couldn’t put the book down, I found it to be written in a clear, precise, honest and easy to understand manner, so here’s to a great big THANK YOU!”

Barry Singh

“I liked the straight talking, to me this is a sign of being genuine.”

Gerry Harrington

“Just read your book and loved it. I just love your style and straight forward writing; you get to the parts where many other property ‘people’ don’t get to.”

Juswant & Sylvia Rai

Berkshire Property Meet
“Vicki Wusche is one of my favourite speakers and spoke for us three times. She was humorous, and thought provoking, most of all, she was an inspiration to a lot of people who want to become successful in property. Thank you, Vicki for being an awesome speaker.”

Coc pops

“Like a lot of people out there I didn’t pay any heed to retirement planning Vicki Wusche’s book is a stark reminder that only you, the reader, can decide to take hold of the reigns of your life’s direction. Vicki writes in a very personable way, which draws you in and has already caused me to ‘pull my (financial) socks up’”

John Corey

“Vicki’s presentation was really good. Vicki, you have a great way with words, and you definitely offered a fresh perspective in terms of cash flow and wealth”

Barbara Khattri

“Such a great read! Instead of wishing that I’d read this years ago, I’m feeling confident that I can just take action and create a real legacy for my family. I’m actually believing that there’s a brighter view for my retirement too!”

Sarah O’C

“Thanks so so much for yesterday we found it invaluable and probably life changing in terms of knowing how we need to move forward with our finances.”

Jo Davidson

Founder Blue Cow
“By understanding the audience Vicki was able to tailor her talk so that it was relevant to anyone. Inspiring and yet practical, we received great audience feedback and will continue to work with Vicki in the future.”

Ann-Maurice Boone

“Passionate and ‘forceful’ advice Vicki helped to solve a property related matter as well as providing highly effective coaching on planning for the next 10 years. Mind blowing. I highly recommend Vicki – your life can change dramatically in less than one hour.”

Jo Boorman

“I wanted to contact you first because you are one of the few people in the industry who replies to emails, makes time and is a good communicator! Which when you are dealing with large sums of money is really important.”

Ms J Van Loen

“I read this book within 4 days of receiving it. Couldn’t put it down. I downloaded the wealth tracker and created a detailed picture of my finances. It was a shock to look at but without it I wouldn’t have been able to think about my life and what is to come in retirement. This book is not for those who want to glide through life hoping the government will save them. This is for people who want a good, comfortable retirement.”

Jessica McGreggor


“This book is a thought provoker, it wakes you up to how you can take responsibility and ensure that your future is exactly as you wish it to be. Vicki’s style is up front and honest – and she is really helpful in the suggestions she makes. Wherever you are in life this is a must read!”

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