Creating empowering relationships with money

Turning your money story into your wealthy life



If you have landed on this page, it’s because you know there is more to life than worrying about money. You have done everything right, you are smart, hardworking and either running your own business, managing staff, servicing clients, all from the kitchen table, or if you are really posh the back bedroom!

Under pressure?

You know that precious time with your family is more important than work, but the pressure to provide seems yours alone to bear. Either that or you are at home worried about money because your partner is so busy working and stressed about money you dare not bring up the topic!


Whether you are the self-appointed ‘bread-winner’ or the family ‘nurturer’ – it’s just a role that you decided to take on, probably emulating your parents or grandparents as unconscious role models. We need to break this cycle of not talking about money, and therefore not really planning for the future we want.


Re-structuring your relationship with money removes all the tension, helps you identify how much money your family needs to cover the bills and then enables you to breathe a sigh of relief as you feel so much more in control.

It’s time to start creating the life you deserve – a wealthy life.

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Lee Thomas
“a unique combination of warmth, empathy, and an incisive approach to business and finance”
Paul and Taya Burke
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What is a wealthy life?

A wealthy life starts with an understanding of what is really important to you, then creating a financial plan based on your priorities. Calculating the cost of living the life you really want enables you to ensure that you have sufficient cash flow to meet your wealthy life requirements.

The brutal truth is that if you wait until retirement someone else will decide when you are no longer of use to them. You may discover that in the process of developing your business and career you have actually missed out on your family growing up when you didn’t need to.

Think about this sentence – could these be your words in a few years from now? If so then we need to talk now!

I focused on my work at the expense of watching my children grow up. There are so many family stories that my children share, but I can’t remember them, which must mean that my focus was elsewhere. I thought I was doing the right thing – to provide a better life for my family, and now bitterly regret missing so much of their early years.

Let me help you create your wealthy life now –
All it takes is a wealthy life plan.

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How the business has evolved

All businesses have changed to a point where working from home is the new normal. Success going forward will be determined by our ability to be flexible in meeting the changing needs of clients, as they identify new priorities and needs.

Over 100 people, in just the first 4 months of 2020, contacted me to help them re-structure their relationship with their finances, as they faced new financial challenges. By late 2020 the dominant enquiry had moved to property investment. This was a sign of confidence in the market and a growing desire to move forward with plans. 2021 has been dominated by a buoyant property market and a focus on the creation of long term wealth strategies.

Client support and Business development for 2021 and 2022 looks promising!

Client Focus

23 Wealthy strategy clients
19 new property investor clients
9 houses sold
11 houses bought
Responsible for over £12.5m client property portfolio

Business Development

Website redesigned and launched
The Readiness to Retire Wealthy Audit updated
11 podcasts
9 speaking engagements
1 new manual The Four Habits of the Truly Wealthy created

In between working with clients, and appearing on 75+ international podcasts in the last 18 months, I also created my own lockdown garden! 2,500 seeds planted, re-potted, 11 varieties of courgette, 16 varieties of tomatoes, all shared with family, friends and the wider community.
All while working a 3.5-day week – one day with grandchildren and an afternoon visiting my mother.

“Steps to take my business from good to great”
Tina Fotherby
“My goodness she knows her stuff”
Jane Malyon
“Thought provoking …powerful guidance”
Laura Campbell

Client Stories

Jon is an experienced property investor and busy music producer. He recognised 2021 was an important year to expand his property portfolios. Working with me, he identified a clear financial strategy. Jon is now investing in property with my help, leveraging his financial resources and generating more income for his family, without using more of his time.

Ross carried the responsibility to provide his family for years. Commuting to the city meant that he was missing his children grow up. He says that after working to create his wealthy life financial plan, he achieved more towards his financial goals in one year than in the last 11 years and had completely changed his mindset.

Jess is a successful solicitor rushed off her feet. A new property investment project remained a dream. Restructuring her personal and business finances so she could create more time for herself means that she is now working a four-day week, with a waiting list and has a clear plan for her next property project.

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How we work with you

By offering a uniquely different approach to financial management and financial freedom that puts you front and centre, you will gain:

  • greater clarity about your priorities,
  • more financial confidence, and
  • greater financial control.

This enables you to design, create and live the wealthy life of your choosing.

Clients have three things in common:

  • a desire to create a better life for themselves and their family,
  • not actively monitoring or managing their personal finances, and
  • under-utilised cash or asset-based wealth.

Based on the Five Principles of a Wealthy Retirement, and through a series of strategic conversations we will help you to identify your untapped resources and create a focused personal financial investment plan.

All you need to do is take the first step.

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“No pressure utterly invaluable”
Constance Lamb
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James Kinsley
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Who do we help

Business owners who want to create empowering business plans to grow or exit their businesses, confident in the knowledge that their personal finances are under control.

Employees pressured by the need to make money for the family who want to understand the role work plays in their wealthy life plan rather than regret the time work takes from them.

Families disconnected because talking about money is a tense topic yet want to be more open about their financial situation, sharing the responsibility with their partners.

Imagine a world where you are in control of finances, where conversations about money were positive rather than ignored, and a world where you all pull together towards a shared vision of your ideal wealthy life.
Imagine guilt free time spent with your family and undistracted by work.

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