How we work

Everyone’s journey is different, your starting position and your desired end point are as unique as your fingerprints. We can help you to:

  • articulate with clarity what you want to achieve financially and understand the reasoning behind the numbers
  • audit your resources and demonstrate the positive benefits that leverage can create,
  • realise your financial goals, creating financial security, resilience and ultimately, financial freedom and A Wealthy Life of your choosing.
Strategic Wealth

Step 1 – The Strategy Session

  • Identify your starting position, your current and potential resources
  • Imagine and outline your personalised plan for A Wealthy Life.
  • Decide what help you need by identifying potential knowledge and resource gaps.

Book a complimentary 30-minute call with Vicki to understand the benefits you will gain from creating your personal financial strategy for a wealthy life. Please choose a convenient time from our calendar.

Step 2 – Education

Education is key to creating a successful and timely Wealthy Life Plan. We can help you:

  • Fill your knowledge gaps and share with you a wealth of resources from books, videos, an online course,
  • Assess your starting point through the unique Readiness to Retire Wealth audit.
  • Accelerate your success by creating a bespoke plan of rapid knowledge absorption along with teaching, personal coaching and bespoke mentoring all at your disposal.

Start by checking out our resource page to access many of the resources that Vicki has already created for her mentees and clients, and take the Readiness to Retire Wealthy Audit.

Take the readiness to retire wealthy audit
The Wealth Accelerator Program

Step 3 – The Wealth Accelerator Programme

Secure your tomorrow, today with The Wealth Accelerator Programme™, designed to turn your plan into reality, by supporting you end to end.

  • Identify your knowledge and resource gaps.
  • Refine your initial plan into a practical and feasible framework that will guide your progress over the coming months.
  • Implement the five principles of A Wealthy Life through our unique online The Readiness to Retire Wealthy Audit mapping your starting point and progression.
  • Monitor progress, maintain focus and accelerate your success through ongoing Strategy Sessions and Accountability calls.
  • Take advantage of a bespoke programme of support designed to meet your needs ranging from a quick-hit four-hour programme to create your plan through to six months of on-going support to help speed implementation.

Conversations directly with Vicki will enable you to course correct, gain additional knowledge input and the occasional kick up the backside if needed!

Step 4 – Property Smart$ Business Development Programme™

If you know that you want property to become a pivotal asset base in your Wealthy Life Plan, then join our Property SMART$ Business Development Programme™. Work personally with Vicki, and her team to plan and implement the right property strategy for you.

Depending on your starting position and how much time you have available, we can either teach you how to find and buy property yourself, or if you are too busy, we can do that for you through our property sourcing service.

Drawing on Vicki’s unique blend of coaching, mentoring, teaching, business and investment experience, this practical programme will hold you accountable, fill the gaps in your experience, and help you to avoid the classic pitfalls that many investors make. Ensuring your investments, whether found by us, or directly by you, are legal, desirable, and financially beneficial.

Either version of the programme, done with you or done for you, ensures that you have access to Vicki and her team as needed. Our core team have all been in the industry for over 20+ years each. Their skills ranging from identifying and negotiating cash-flowing property deals, through building expertise, legal and financial professionals and when you are ready accountants, tax advisors, wills, and insurance. All the essential components and skills to create and sustain a profitable property investment business.


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