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At last, a wealth podcast filled with truly practical tips, deep insights (and a touch of British humour). We cover all things wealth, property, and financial education- helping you to rethink your relationship with money.

  • If you have started to realise that time is worth more than money – and even more so if you haven’t – A Wealthy Life is the podcast for you!
  • Are you a business owner, contractor, or leader of industry? Are you tired of missing out on family life? Do you wish you were truly in charge of how you spend your time? A Wealthy Life is the podcast for you!
  • Do you want to feel comfortable around money and investments? Want to know that you are financially resilient, no matter what this decade dreams up next? A Wealthy Life is DEFINITELY the podcast for you!

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Episode 48: NOT Goal-Setting for Dummies

July 21, 2023|

Goal Setting for Success These goal-setting tips are different from the typical tips and tricks you hear all over the place. My approach takes into mind your deeper motivation and mindset. Getting clear on [...]

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Gordon Glennister

Author of Influencer Marketing
“Vicki is really knowledgeable about property and how to get a good return, her books are packed full of great advice and tips. Vicki is someone you want on your “people I want to work with” list.”

Jonathan Moore

UK Sales Director
“I just wanted to compliment you on your Wealth Tracker spreadsheet, the complimentary resource from your book The Wealthy Retirement Plan. This template really focusses in on the ability to manage finances. Its intuitive and easy to use.”

Laura Campbell

Destination Marketing Expert
“Vicki has a wealth of knowledge and provides powerful guidance as you find your way through the financial maze. I would definitely recommend that you take her online Readiness to Retire Wealthy audit.”
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