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A red book with clip art of a yellow lawn chair, titled "The Wealthy Retirement Plan A revolutionary guide to living the rest of your life in style" written by Vicki Wusche

The Wealthy Retirement Plan: A revolutionary guide to living the rest of your life in style

Vicki Wusche provokes you to think differently about what being wealthy really means to you. The changing nature of our world means that “retirement” as our parents knew it, is actually a redundant term in the twenty-first century. Helping you to decide what wealthy means to you personally is the first step to restructuring your relationship with your finances and your time. If you want to create, and live, a wealthy life of your choosing, then this book will explain how you can stop working for money and start getting money to work for you. Stop finding time to squeeze in your family, friends or fun and start prioritising how you spend your time.

Property For The Next Generation: Securing your financial future in uncertain times

The lessons our parents shared about property and owning a house, just do not fit with the dynamic lives our children are experiencing. Break the cycle now and help your children rethink the role that property will play in their future. Change your own thinking about property and property investment and realise that your home is not an asset until it helps generate income. This book will show you how to create and build a family legacy, based on a shift in mindset. This book will show you how to create a living inheritance that reaches through the generations.

A teal green book with yellow clip art of a set of nesting houses, titled "Property For The Next Generation Securing your financial future in uncertain times" written by Vicki Wusche
Make More Money From Property

Make More Money From Property: From investor thinking to a business mindset

Investing in property is a business like no other. While you still have customers – your tenants, and market competition, you also have the opportunity to create a business which follows the sourcing service model. In this second edition, Vicki takes you through a massive shift in business and money mindset to help you understand that by finding the right property investment technique and then developing it into a business model, you can source property for yourself and for others – making an effortless cash-generating business out of property investing.

Using Other People’s Money: How to invest in property

Now in its fourth edition this property investment book is perfect if you are thinking of investing in property. It explains current property investment strategies and the jargon used in the world of property, to quickly bring you up to speed. This book, written for property investors. The content is unique as it evaluates the time, money and skill needed for each property investment technique and explains how you can choose the right one for you. Upgrade your understanding and learn how to make more money investing in property.

Using Other People’s Money


The New Estate

The New Estate the Kindle Story

Set in the future, this is Vicki’s first fiction book. We all wonder what life would be like if we were in charge – or maybe that is just Vicki…! Within the pages Vicki imagines an idealistic future where everyone had ‘enough’ and then works out the laws, mindset and attitudes that would need to change to make her version a reality. Could we learn something – or maybe even create a better blueprint for society than we have now? This book will get you thinking and maybe even start a conversation that could be the first step to changing how we all think about money, society, property and politics.

The Four Habits of a Truly Wealthy Life

This wealth workbook starts by teaching you how to shift your thinking about money and your personal finances. Working through a series of practical exercises will enables you to break any negative emotional attachment to money and literally change your beliefs. By the end of this workbook, you will be creating both financial security and greater financial resilience. Whether you need to master your relationship with money, make your resources work towards your ultimate goal or create a legacy for the future, this workbook will guide you to embrace the four habits that will make your life truly wealthy.

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Four Habits of a Wealthy Life by Vicki Wusche
The 9 Critical Property Principles

The 9 Critical Property Principles

FREE Download The 9 Critical Property Principles This mini book takes you through the 9 Critical Property Principles learnt over a decade in property investment. Critical reading if you are planning to invest in property. Property investment could make you wealthy or drive you to the brink of financial ruin, don’t take a step without checking your property strategy first.

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The De-Job Yourself Manual

This workbook is a vital first step for anyone thinking of investing in property, starting a business or wanting to create a Wealthy Retirement Plan. Filled with thought provoking and practical exercises this workbook will help you move towards your financial goals, helping you to shift from working for money to making money work for you. Break the link between working to pay the bills and living a wealthy life of your choosing.

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The De-Job Yourself Manual
The Values Manual

The Values Manual

Understanding your values and how you can use those values to build a successful life and business can be a powerful tool towards achieving your goals. By working through this manual, you will gain knowledge and insights that will change your relationship with money. Knowing what matters most to you will enable you to understand what motivates you and equally what might be holding you back. Once you know yourself better you can create powerful goals to guide you to the life you really want to live.

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The Goal Setting Manual

What do you really want in life? Are you so busy doing that you don’t have time to plan? If you have not thought about your long-term goals, how can you be sure that you are even working towards the right destination. Creating business goals or personal goals is not just something for the New Year. This activity will focus your mind, money and resources to ensure you get to live a life of your choosing.

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The Goal Setting Manual


Business Health Check

Business Health Check

Is your business designed with long-term profit in mind?

A business is only a business when it has a constant flow of profit-generating customers. The Business Health Check is an audit designed to help you focus on the growth and development of your business. This easy-to-use tool will become a valuable in-house monitoring process, enabling you to check progress and identify weaknesses in your business model.

The assessment takes no more than five minutes to complete, giving you access to targeted actions points, in an easy read report. Based on the practical application of “book-based’ theory, with hundreds of clients, this profit-focused system is designed to help you get right to the crux of business success. Are you making a profit and if not, what is the next step you need to take to increase revenue? Unlike other business tools this model helps you remodel the business you love, enjoy, and profit from. Don’t miss this opportunity to health check your business model.

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Invest Assess

Where are the weaknesses in your property strategy?

A property is only an investment if it generates a profit, a return on both the money and the time you invest. Invest – Assess is an audit designed to help you apply the unique property SMARTS investment strategy to your business model. In just five minutes you can complete this easy-to-use audit and highlight any potential weaknesses in your investment strategy.

After completing the audit you will have access to a targeted report, full of practical action steps. My experience is based on twelve years of investing over £12 million of pounds of clients’ money, building cash-flowing portfolios and this profit-focused investment system is designed to help you get your property strategy right. Are you creating a long-term cash-flowing business, so you can live the life you really want, and if not, what do you need to do right now? Don’t miss this opportunity to reassess your property strategy, leverage your knowledge and resources, and make a long-term profit starting today.

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Vicki Wusche Scorecard

Readiness to Retire

Are you ready to secure your financial future?

No-one wants to feel financially vulnerable, or dependent on just one source of family income. This is your chance to identify, design, and then financially secure the life you really want to live – a life that matters to you.

The Readiness to Retire Wealthy Audit that is a thought-provoking trusted tool designed to reshape your future. It will help you identify, plan and secure your financial future in a way that gives you more choice and more freedom.

Based on insights contained in the best-selling book ‘The Wealth Retirement Plan: A revolutionary guide to living the rest of your life in style’, and over 12 years of experience working with clients this easy online audit will provide you with a personalised score and a report designed to provide maximum value. Take three minutes out of your day to start your journey to greater financial control, the life you want to live and long-lasting security.

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“This book is a thought provoker, it wakes you up to how you can take responsibility and ensure that your future is exactly as you wish it to be. Vicki’s style is up front and honest – and she is really helpful in the suggestions she makes. Wherever you are in life this is a must read!”

Jane Malyon

“The reality of the ‘retirement’ we were all brought up to believe in is indeed fading and what we once believed would suffice, needs a complete rethink. We need to ensure that our children have the right information and tools, and this could be the biggest pay-it-forward we can ever do for them.”


“I was glued to this book. A blunt practical approach. A must for those of us who love “nice things’. I thought I had lots of money to spend at my stage in life not caring about retirement as I have a healthy work pension. However, the reality according to this book is that the funds may not be there for my retirement.”
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