“There’s so many things we can change for ourselves”

The keys to financial freedom

“I wouldn’t leave full-time employment until I have replaced my income by 150%”

If you’re not loving life, what’s the point?

“You can’t afford to create a business that requires you to work 24/7”

Reinventing Yourself To Thrive

“Become financially aware before you even start looking at houses”

“Make sure you’re doing what is necessary so that your business survives and comes out of this stronger”

How to not Just Survive but come out Stronger

“Your strategy will stay the same, but your investment techniques may change.”

The Property Market post pandemic

“Once you know what’s important to you, why wouldn’t you want to live a life based on your values?”

A Guide to Creating the Amazing Life You Want at Any Age

“By overspending on ‘nonsense’ you miss the opportunity to have what you really want.”

Can you afford to retire

“Worry about the things you can control, and don’t worry about the things you can’t control.”

The Wealthy Retirement Plan

“Make a plan for how you want life to be instead of a plan for how life is.”

Control, Communication, & Caring for Ourselves

“If you can manage your personal money, then you have an amazing skill to enter into a business with.”

Securing Your Financial Futures, Creating Wealthy Lives and a Positive Legacy

“If you’re worried about the money because you haven’t done the maths yet.”

From Victim to Leader of your own destiny

“Every time you spend money, you’re taking time away from what is really important to you.”

5 Principles to Managing Time and Money

How to work with Vicki

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