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  • It’s time to talk about money more openly
  • It’s time to shape our lives based on our passions that we can afford to indulge because we live A Wealthy Life
  • It’s time to recognise that we have a Responsibility, we have Enough and we could all Contribute more!

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How to work with Vicki

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Gordon Glennister

Author of Influencer Marketing
“Vicki is really knowledgeable about property and how to get a good return, her books are packed full of great advice and tips. Vicki is someone you want on your “people I want to work with” list.”

Jonathan Moore

UK Sales Director
“I just wanted to compliment you on your Wealth Tracker spreadsheet, the complimentary resource from your book The Wealthy Retirement Plan. This template really focusses in on the ability to manage finances. Its intuitive and easy to use.”

Laura Campbell

Destination Marketing Expert
“Vicki has a wealth of knowledge and provides powerful guidance as you find your way through the financial maze. I would definitely recommend that you take her online Readiness to Retire Wealthy audit.”
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