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The first step on your property journey is to understand why you want to invest in property and what you want the outcome to be. Every client is unique, as is their journey and their desired outcome.

Once your goals are clear, it is easier to create a strategic investment plan and identify the best investment technique to achieve your desired result. Whether you are looking for long-term income replacement or monthly cashflow, property techniques can be tailored to fit your overall personal financial strategy.

When you are ready, Vicki will start the process of identifying suitable properties that will generate the outcomes you are looking for. The opportunities identified will consider both the income generated and the time needed to manage the portfolio. Vicki will remain at your side throughout your first few years of investing to help you develop your cash flowing business with ease. We want to help you to free up your time, not create more work!

“I had a strategy session with Vicki to discuss how to build a portfolio of high cash flowing properties. It was immediately clear that she has an expert grasp of her subject and can simplify complex ideas relating to investment and financing strategies. I would recommend her to anyone who is interest in investing in property.”
James Kingsley, Finance
“Vicki has provided technical property advice, especially when analysing deals, business advice and lots of coaching and mindset support. One year after working with Vicki I finally handled in my notice and left my full-time job.”
Bella King, Architect and developer
“We came to Vicki because we were at a ‘crossroads’, unsure which way to turn in planning our personal finances for the long term. With a unique combination of warmth, empathy, and an incisive approach to business and finance, Vicki helped us to clarify our thinking, to formulate a plan of action, and to follow it through with focus and energy, enabling us to identify and pursue our priorities.”
Taya and Paul
“The difference that working with Vicki over the past 18 months has made to me is very significant, it’s been exploration into what’s going on in my life, and practical advice about buying property. I have had sound business advice and the encouragement to tweak my thoughts and beliefs to set out my stall in a positive, focused and motivated way.”
Judith Green, Business Owner


We identify, secure, and negotiate three-bed family homes that produce a return between 7-12% subject to predicted refurbishment costs and buyer status. When we prepare property details to send to a client, we include as many expenses as we can identify. This includes stamp duty, solicitor and broker fees, survey costs, and importantly any known refurbishment costs (which might not be needed until there is a change of tenants). We avoid the costly and chaotic ‘full and final’ offer process that many estate agents employ to drive up prices, as many of the investment properties we identify are sold with tenants in place meaning they earn money from day one and are refurbished later.


We ensure that the properties our clients invest in, generate a return on both time and money. They are relatively low maintenance as we have excellent lettings teams in place. We have direct access to local builders, insurers and can even help you with life insurance and new wills.


Uniquely, Vicki uses her experience to work with our clients on and on-ging basis to help them establish their property businesses. From setting up rent tracking to managing repairs and keeping abreast of legal changes, Vicki ensures clients understand how to manage the team that comes along with their investment. That they are appropriately trained and registered to meet legal and moral commitments.

Our clients

Our clients are typically business owners and senior executives, that work hard AND have access to financial resources either through existing property equity, family savings, bonuses or the reallocation of funds or Director’s Loans.

They are starting to realise that there is more to life than working 24/7. They may have heard Vicki speak on podcasts, or through the media and realise that they could also be making their money work harder, so they don’t have to.

There are only a few criteria essential before you can invest in property:

  • Understand that property investment is a long-term business opportunity,

  • Possess a clean credit history,
  • Earn over £25,000 to gain mortgage lending,

  • Have access to cash that you can invest alongside the leverage afforded by a mortgage,
  • The rest is organised by Vicki and her team.

Vicki’s property journey

When she was made redundant in 2008, Vicki decided to turn the investment property she bought in 2004 into a fulltime property sourcing business. Now a mentor and wealth strategist, she shares her insights and experience, from nearly 20 years in the business, with her clients. Vicki has been a private tenant, a homeowner, repossessed, evicted, a social housing tenant, landlord, property mentor and property sourcer.

Through her business model, Vicki enables her clients to provide decent homes for working families and single parents so that they, in turn, can provide a stable environment for their children to grow up in. Something close to heart given her experience as a social housing tenant.

With an established, experienced, and trusted team Vicki can provide cash flowing properties that generate a decent home for a family and a healthy income for you, earning 7-12% net return on the financial resources you have invested.


Working with us means that you spend less and earn sooner.

Working with Vicki and her team will enable you to get clarity about your priorities and what you want your wealthy future to look like. Once you have completed this thinking, and decided that property investment is for you, Vicki and her team can step in and support you. This can be through training, if you want to create property and business investments for yourself or if you don’t have the time, then we can step in and source the investments on your behalf.

There is no-one else in the property business, mentoring or investment market that has Vicki’s blend of over-coming personal hardship, with sheer determination, and driving forward with success through clarity, mindset and some good old-fashioned maths, or who is a qualified a coach, university lecturer and business owner.

Check out some of the properties acquired for clients in 2021.

A property bought for £100,000 that required £45,000 cash (all included) plus £75,000 mortgage to buy, started to return a profit of 380.00 from month one which is a 10% net profit. The budget includes £5,000 of refurbishment costs that do not need to be spent until tenant change-over.

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