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Client Stories

Ross carried the responsibility to provide his family for years. Commuting to the city meant that he was missing his children grow up. He says that after working to create his wealthy life financial plan, he achieved more towards his financial goals in one year than in the last 11 years and had completely changed his mindset.
Jess is a successful solicitor rushed off her feet. A new property investment project remained a dream. Restructuring her personal and business finances so she could create more time for herself means that she is now working a four-day week, with a waiting list and has a clear plan for her next property project.

Simon is an experienced landlord who did not feel as successful as he is, because of his approach to investing. After four sessions we were able to re-think his personal finances, re-structure his property portfolio and re-plan his life. Now he has more time to spend with his son and on the charitable projects he loves. He feels wealthy and successful.

Jon is an experienced property investor and busy music producer. He recognised 2021 was an important year to expand his property portfolios. Working with me, he identified a clear financial strategy. Jon is now investing in property with my help, leveraging his financial resources and generating more income for his family, without using more of his time.

After a series of strategy sessions, Lee was able to better understand his financial position, identify potential financial vulnerabilities and set in place actions to minimise any risk. He freely admits that he was not the sort of person that enjoyed speaking about money. He “preferred to suffer silently”. Now more comfortable, Lee is in control.

Liz Harwood
Liz is a successful artist and a nomad by nature. Following a series for strategy sessions, she identified both a financial plan and an investment property. Now 12 months later she is £100,000 better off and ready for her next property adventure. Above all she is back in the financial driving seat.
Tom Evans

Tom and Louise were already financially secure but still working harder than they needed to, as they were asset rich and relatively cash poor. After a few strategy sessions and selling their main residence, the story couldn’t be more different. They have a passive-house property that provides regular rental income, a liquid investment portfolio for long term security and a mortgage-less dream home. Louise has retired and Tom is now free to craft his books, music and meditations without having to worry about trading time for money.

Aideen Mac Mahon
Aideen is a young woman working in a man’s world – property investment and management. She is both entrepreneurial and exhausted. By working together, we have turned her property business ‘marathon’ into a gentle stroll towards long-term financial security and more time to enjoy life. Within 12 months she will have a team in place and enough income to work a 3-day week.
Bella was already in the property world as a professional architectural consultant. After working with Vicki as a mentee she grew her own investment portfolio, became a sourcing partner with Vicki, and identified a strategy to help her combine her planning knowledge with property acquisition. Bella is on a clear path to financial freedom.

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