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Your World is Yours to Design

Your Legacy is a journey during which your focus sharpens and crispens over time. It is a process of discovering the meaning and ultimate motivation behind your quest to build wealth. Eventually you will be in a position where you find something that you’re passionate about. And maybe, like one of my clients, you will go to Africa and help in a village every year. Or maybe you’ll help in your own village, your own community. Maybe you’ll volunteer somewhere; you’ll take your knowledge and experience from your work and apply it in a community or a charity setting for the benefit of others.

But this is where reality really hits; what are your priorities? What’s your timescale? What life do you want to live? And how can you make that a priority? Once you’ve understood your finances, your assets, your resources, you can start to work out how you can generate income in a way that allows you to have the time that you want to focus on the things that matter to you.

You can look back at this time at some point in the future, after you consider and reconsider what you want your Legacy to be. At that moment, you will realize that it was in drafting your first, second, and third versions of your Wealthy Life that you really got those seeds to germinate and to become very healthy plants. And you will know that when the time comes, the plants will bloom and come to fruition.

I want to ask you an important question at this stage: why are you so successful? Why will you be so successful at planning your Wealthy Life, your Legacy? What are you doing to move in that direction? Ask yourself this question on a daily basis. Maybe start with: “what am I doing towards living my Wealthy Life? How am I making that step towards a Wealthy Life? How has my understanding of a Wealthy Life come into more focus?” You’ve planted the seeds now, and they’re starting to sprout in your mind and everything is going to start to shift.

Everything is going to start to realign to support you. And the reason for that is that our primal minds are here to support us, to protect us, to make our lives long enough. And in the early days, all we were looking for was food, shelter and not to get eaten by a sabre-toothed tiger.

But often today, our minds are filled with the news and with excess information from social media and online. If all of that information is going into your head, then your mind is spending time and energy trying to sift through and work out what’s important to you. And if you don’t tell it what’s important, you can get lost or confused. This is why having a list of your values, and why having a goal or focus point down the path can make your plan clearer and bring motivation back towards you.

If you do that, then your mind will say: “okay, I don’t need to look for sabre-toothed tigers, accommodation and food. I understand what [insert your name] wants,” because what you want is this thing that you are clearly focused on. So, you’ll then start to identify opportunities that will support your goals. It’s not bare survival anymore because you don’t have to worry about money. And the reason you don’t have to worry about money anymore is because you’ve taken control and you understand your spreadsheet.

You’ve planted the seed of time being really important and reminded yourself that you’re in control of your time. You’re in control of how you spend it and you know that your life is a series of the days on a calendar that you choose how to fill; if you don’t choose how to fill them, somebody or something else will choose how to fill them.

The world and A Wealthy Life are simply yours to design. And I hope that by reading this you feel empowered, inspired, and motivated to take this opportunity to fill your life with possibility, hope, adventure and excitement. Your Legacy is yours to design. Your Legacy is yours to choose. Who do you want to make a difference to and what do you want that difference to be?

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