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Why Money Maths Will Save Your Sanity

Why Money Maths Will Save Your Sanity

A Wealthy Life is very much about how you want to spend your time, about you making that decision and making your life the best life you want it to be. 

Using maths to get control is the way that you do it. The art of adding and subtracting, the art of noting and noticing your income, and noting and noticing your expenses. It’s about removing uncertainty. It’s about freeing your mind to think about more important things.

If you’re worrying about money, how can you be thinking about the life that you want to have in the future when you don’t even know whether you should be opening the letters coming through the post?  

Now always the right time to be in control of your finances, because if you don’t get in control of your finances, then nothing else is going to make sense for you. 

Now imagine this; you’re busy going to work. You’re busy commuting or, working at home. And you’re so far into “the daily grind,” that rhythm of working nonstop, and the fact that you need to provide an income for your family, that you’re too worried to look at a spreadsheet to see how well you’re doing. Do you have a “hang up” about numbers or money and what it means. 

We sometimes talk about money as the root of all evil. Maybe we heard our grandparents, or our parents have negative values about money. Maybe you were brought up in a family where there wasn’t a lot of money. Maybe you were brought up in a family where one or more of your parents had beliefs about other people and how they spent money. They said that because somebody else was spending money and enjoying it, that they were wasting money.

Is it wasting money to enjoy yourself? Are these just myths, perpetuated and keeping you stuck in a position that is far from A Wealthy Life that you want? 

I heard someone recounting a time when they were talking to their great-grandmother who was very well off. And they said to her: “why don’t you spend some of your money on you?” And she responded: “oh, no, I couldn’t do that!” 

We could have a whole discussion about the evil of humanity; we can see that just by turning on the news. But that’s not money. People who know how to use money will use money to get what they want, and that can sometimes include riding rough shod over other people’s beliefs, over other people’s homes, over other people’s values. But that’s not money’s fault. That’s how some people use it. And that’s not how you have to use it.  

You are going to use maths to prove that you are in a sound financial position. You are going to use maths to create the financial resilience and security that you need to remove uncertainty in your life. And then, you’re going to move forward along this path, creating for yourself a wonderful life, a wealthy life, in which you can pursue your passions.  

And maybe one of those passions is being in a position where you can use your time to give back to your community, or maybe it’s supporting your family. Maybe it’s taking a skill that you have in business and working in your company four days a week and doing something charitable one day a week.

I work three days a week, but I also spend about one day a week working with people who are not able to afford my services; people who need the sort of advice and insights I can share.  

Make money a value, see it as a tool. And then what we can do is work out together that you have Enough. Maybe you have “More than Enough”. Maybe you have “Much More than Enough”.  

When you master the maths of money, you will find that you have the power to make changes that have real impact—whether it be adjusting a budget so you can save for something important, or dedicating your surplus to investments, or investing in something like your health or personal and professional development. 

Getting Control of your finances, your values, your plan will make it possible for you to live your dream life. And all you need to start is a pen and paper.  

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