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What is really important to you?

What Is REALLY Important to You?

During the pandemic, we began realising the impact of change in our lives. Never before in peace or war has the country shut its borders, closed schools, shops, churches or written laws forcing people to retreat into their homes.

Whilst we absorbed the impact to our lives, we were already adapting and readjusting our priorities.

While incredibly stressful, many of us found this could also be seen as an opportunity to re-organise ourselves, to evaluate what is important in our lives. We can get on top of our finances, paperwork and even DIY!

Back in 2020, I wrote these articles as a template for adjustment, and to help you focus on the practical – what you can control and the actions you can take rather than dwelling on what you can’t control or prevent.

I realised that I have been helping my clients with business and personal financial strategies for years. This series of articles will provide straightforward actions that you can put into place to remove as much unnecessary worry as possible.

I am, confident based on my years of experience, that I can help you think, plan and prepare your financial position, and by removing money as a worry, you will lift an enormous burden from your shoulders when you need to be focused on supporting yourself and your family.

Let’s start by running through five principles which will immediately bring a sense of calm, when followed. Then from tomorrow I will break down each principle into a series of clear actionable steps you can follow.

Five principles to guide you through the chaos and back into control

Get focused – concentrate on what is really important.

Take control of your finances – work out a revised financial budget this will be crucial to your peace of mind.

Work out what you already have that is of value – what do you have, know or can do that could be useful in these chaotic times?

How can you help to shape your new community? – what could you do to help?

How can you create a wealthy future?  When this is all over and it will end, do you want to go back to the way it was?

Start by enjoying that last couple of days of warm and sunny weather. Create the start of a new family routine – maybe a walk together or a project you can work together on in the home.

Tomorrow we will explore what is really important to you and how you can support yourself emotionally, then as you feel stronger we will start to re-plan your finances. If you are still worried about how you will cope financially, and can’t wait for the next few days – let me help.

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Before you book please complete the scorecard Audit I created as part of the resources for my book The Wealthy Retirement Plan: A revolutionary guide to living the rest of your life in style.

This book prepares you for a world in which we no longer work in the way we did.

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The quiz takes about 10 minutes and you will be emailed a personalised report and score, which will provide the background data for our call.

When you have taken the scorecard please email me a copy and I will send you a link to book a complimentary Financial Rethink Session and let’s remove some of the stress you are feeling by creating a clear plan based on known facts.