Project Description


What Are We Leaving Behind?

Since writing my fifth book The Wealthy Retirement Plan: A revolutionary guide to living the rest of your life in style, I realised that I want to change the world, fix all its problems. There I said it. From plastic pollution in the sea, which I have witnessed first-hand as a scuba-diver, to global poverty observed on our journeys through Africa and the Far East, to the realisation that Amelia, my granddaughter’s children may only read about certain animals and never get the chance to see them alive. There are so many more challenges that we face that I could list – but will refrain for now….

Whatever your passions: from curing cancer, to stopping global warming, to eradicating homelessness and poverty, I believe we not only should take action, but we can. I can. You can. And together we can make a difference.

I know that if I help you stopping having to work in the way you are now – just to pay your bills! and help you recognise that you can retire in a non- traditional way, anyway that you like. Then maybe you or someone you know will make a difference – will find solutions to these challenges.

In these extra years that you will get to enjoy, without having to work to pay the bills, you might start a new business, or create a multi-generational project that will light the spark to an amazing solution to one of the challenges our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren will be facing.