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The Five Principles of A Wealthy Life Create Your Vision

The Five Principles of A Wealthy Life Create Your Vision

Financial Resilience  

Financial resilience is the ability to flex when the environment around us changes unexpectedly. That can be through health, through family circumstances, it can be through job loss, it could be through something going on in the economy, which we have no control over. And it just happens to us. It can also be as a result of errors in thinking that you’ve made, but with financial resilience, you can bounce back through all of that. Financial resilience also going to give you the time and the income to enable you to follow your passion and live a wealthy life; however, that looks for you, whatever that means for you.  

 It’s the Time and the Money 

And it’s really important to note that it’s the time and the money. What I’m suggesting to you is not a life that is based on the size of your bank account. It’s not how much money you’ve got. It’s actually the other way round, it’s how much time have you got? 

How much time do you spend doing what you love? I work roughly a three-day week. I work no more than 10 months of the year. I have a wall planner, on which I prioritise my time above everything else, my holidays first along with family events and then outings and personal time. Because it’s the quality of our lives that is so important. 

The quality of your life is what’s going to make it feel like you have had a long and full and fun and adventurous and wonderful life. And that’s what I want for you. However, if you don’t have money in your bank account, then it is very difficult in our society to function. And so that’s why you need time and money together. 

Time comes first because when you know what you want your life to be like, when you’re passionate about what you want your life to be like, that gives you all the motivation you need to then go and create the money that you need to live the life that you want.  

Let’s Go to CCRLL 

So, I worked so hard to come up with a clever acronym for the model that I created to help my clients achieve A Wealthy Life, and after weeks and weeks and weeks trying to name the five principles, I tried to come up with an acronym around money. I came up with “CCRLL”, an unknown, undiscovered Welsh village that is full of people living a wealthy life! 

Of course, I’m telling stories. Absolutely there is no village called “CCRLL” but, I thought because my acronym—my rubbish acronym that it is–but my acronym never the less, has got no vowels and two Ls that it was perfect for it to be a Welsh village.  

So, the point is I used these principles to shape my life and now help clients to do the same. If you want to hear more about C-C-R-L-L and how Clarity, Control, Resources, Leverage and Legacy could help you achieve Financial Resilience and A Wealthy Life then please listen to the podcast: 

Alternatively, you can test yourself against the principles by taking my online Audit. The Audit will help you measure yourself against these principles, and it provides a personalised score and a report with actions you can take now to increase your resilience and speed your journey to time freedom and A Wealthy Life.