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Do you play to lose?

Amidst the hype of the Euro matches at the moment, I thought the England game played recently was odd. The strategy behind the England football game for whatever the reason -was odd because they played to lose.

It turned out that the best outcome of the match was that we lost … why? Well, because by losing we will potentially get two easier games to follow in the hope of reaching the semi-finals more easily! What a Strategy!

But how must the players have felt knowing that by winning they would increase their chance of losing? And vice versa by losing they would increase their chance of winning!

Most football players are professional and accomplished athletes. They train hard, they work as a team, they implement a pre-planned strategy, they have certain tactics and tricks they play to win the ball and win the game.

Much like professional property investors! Do you like the link? I could really draw a parallel in my own business!

Many of us that invest in property have spent thousands of pounds training in our profession. I think at my last count I had invested over £105,000 in training and mentors over the last ten years. Why? Because I know learning from and honing my skills with people that know more than me, in certain aspects of my business, will accelerate my own success.

My team whether here in the UK, or abroad, full time, part time or visiting expert, are crucial in helping me and my clients achieve our objectives. Achieving our strategy.

And that brings me back to last night. Surely every athlete wants to win, just as every business owner, and property investor wants to succeed.

A much easier, less complicated, and more direct route to success is to find the right mentor or manager to help you achieve your clear and focused strategy to succeed, to score those goals and move on to the next opportunity.

I don’t believe property is a game, far from it, but looking at the strategy professional athletes use and the way that team sports engage is one way we can enhance our businesses.