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Building Your Bridge to A Wealthy Life Doesn’t Have to Wait

A Wealthy Life is one that prioritises how you plan and use your time so that you can enjoy every minute doing what matters to you with those that care about you the most. 

It might look easy at first… 

As you move through the Five Principles of A Wealthy Life, the first two steps may be relatively easy, as you gain Clarity about what that means for you, and even as you get in Control of your finances. But when you come to taking stock of Resources, there can be challenges. At this point, some of the people I speak to as Wealth Strategist are in an easier position than others, and we can move straight to creating their plan for a wealthy life. They have lots of resources that we can Leverage, and when that is done, we can move directly into thinking of the bigger picture – what is their lasting Legacy?  

But, other people might be struggling with the resource level that they have. Even if this is the case, that doesn’t mean to say that they can’t still build their bridge. Depending on the level of resources and the ability to leverage them your situation only determines how long the bridge is.  

Is it a short bridge from A to B? Or is it a bridge, like the Humber Bridge, that needs to span a greater distance and maybe have some pillars in the way to support them along the way? A longer bridge doesn’t mean you can’t build the bridge now and enjoy it on your way. You have got to plan and persevere, even if it takes a bit longer. 

Mindset, mindset, mindset 

And this brings us to the importance of mindset when building the bridge. Because, if you are not on board with helping yourself to achieve the goals that you want to achieve, then no one else is going to be able to help you.  

Over the years, I’ve worked with clients as mentees. Some of them have been struggling to become successful and, as we started to look at what the problems were, we identified that their limited success was caused by none other than themselves! The fact that they were fearful or regretful or guilty was what was holding them back. They were still doing all the tasks I set, but none of the tasks were going to make a difference if unconsciously they were pulling themselves back. You must master your mindset. 

Let go of stress 

When you do this, you will find that other areas of your life improve as well. With a positive and motivated mindset, you’ll find fewer barriers, less inefficiency and much less stress. Because at the end of all of this, you might be very self-aware, you might have a clear purpose and passion, you might know what you want to achieve; but if you are stressed, it will be sapping your energy to a point where you won’t have the strength to move forward.  

You won’t achieve everything that you could, because you might find you are battling ill health and, likely, mental exhaustion. Frequently, we see these struggles manifest through negative financial habits. Stress and its causes are the anathema to A Wealthy Life. You can’t have a wealthy life, a truly wealthy life, if you are chronically stressed. One step that removes some stress and excess information is filtering all the options out with smart questioning, as I wrote in my last article. 

Ask smart questions 

Questions are always important, and I really want you to ask yourself as you read any of my articles, “Why is this article important?” And then, “What is this article telling me? What am I learning and how can I apply this so that I can create my own bridge to A Wealthy Life and move from here to A Wealthy Life eternity at the other end and make that bridge as short as possible?” Save yourself some steps.

Building a bridge is not something that is done overnight. Building a bridge from where you are now to where your wealthy life is, is not the same for every individual. There are challenges, setbacks, inequalities and struggles along the way. But guess what? You are already working on it by reading this article, hopefully listening to my podcast A Wealthy Life, and checking out the free resources I offer like the Readiness to Retire Wealthy Audit.  

It might not be easy and quick for everyone all the time, each challenge is a step close to your goals and that is precisely why I am here. For more impactful wealthy life tips, please visit my website, listen to my podcast here and here, or schedule a free call with me. Let’s see what kind of financial architecture we can create together.