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Episode 50: The End is Just the Beginning: Hammering Home the Basics

Hammering Home the Basics

This week we are going to round up the most important podcasts from the first fifty (50!) to really let essential lessons about personal finance and wealth building sink in and truly empower your individual journey.

This episode is a summary of lessons delivered over the last year that will allow you to step up and move forward to take impactful concrete steps on your wealth journey.

Moving forward, we will include more information, tips, tricks and guides to property investing as it is the gold standard of wealth building in our society – and has been for millennia. I will break down how property works, what the wealthy do to make it work for them, and what alternative strategies exist for you if you determine property is not right for you.


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The top 12 podcasts to relisten to:

  1. Status, work and money – Is your life driven by your job title?
  2. How clear are you about how much money is coming into your household?
  3. What would you do if you didn’t have to work just to pay the bills?
  4. Wealthy v rich: what does a wealthy life mean to you?
  5. Setting up your goals to win, and falling in love with a spreadsheet

The concept of money

  1. Why Money maths will save your sanity

The practical tools

  1. Whooshonomics: 5 steps you can take right now

The consequences

  1. Replacing your income needs to be a priority now


  1. Are you a creature of habit?
  2. What questions are you asking yourself?
  3. What did you learn from your parents and what’s relevant now?

The practical steps

  1. What makes you happy and get out of bed with joy?


Highlights from this episode:

[00:02:30] – Online games

[00:13:10] – When a game starts to feel like work

[00:17:00] – Clarity will set you free

[00:18:18] – Money management is the key to time management

[00:22:30] – All these lessons let us level up

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