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The Wealthy Retirement Plan Book by Vicki Wusche

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“The Wealthy Retirement Plan: A revolutionary guide to living the rest of your life in style” is based on more than 12 years of experience of working with people who want more certainty and control of their own personal finances.

The Audit has been written for the challenges we are facing right now. It is a thought-provoking, trusted tool- designed to help you identify, plan and secure your financial future in a way that gives you more choice and more freedom.

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“To raise new questions, new possibilities, to regard old problems from a new angle, requires creative imagination”
Albert Einstein
Vicki Wusche Holding The Wealthy Retirement Plan Book

Failing to ask new questions will limit your ability to imagine retiring wealthy and on your terms.

The Audit gets right to the heart of the question – What do you want your life to be like? What would it really mean to you, to change the way you generate income?

No-one wants to feel financially vulnerable or dependent on a single source of income, a wage that can be taken away. This is your chance to identify, design, and secure the life you really want to live – a life that matters to you.

Vicki Wusche

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What Are You Measured Against?

The Readiness to Retire Wealthy Audit has been designed around the Five Fundamental Principles of a Wealthy Retirement, based on the book of the same name.

The Five Principles are embedded in our strategic planning methodology. We help our clients move from a place of exhaustion and stress, to a place where they feel confident and focused on creating a life filled to the brim with purpose and fulfillment.

Over the last 12 years, we have been helping senior managers and city-based employees rethink their lives and their financial priorities. Their feedback has consistently been that they feel more financially secure, in control, free from stress and more confident that they are on the right track for A Wealthy Life!



Create a clear vision of what matters to you. How will you spend your time once you no longer have to work? Accept that some things are more important than others and then prioritise them. Create a life that generates the income to support you moving forward and eradicate “guilty” moments when you need to check your work phone or email. Instead learn to be truly present at important times in your life.



Knowing what money you have, and how you are spending it is the first crucial step to understanding and developing the skills you need to become financially empowered. Are you managing your own finances?

How certain are you about your answers to these statements?

  • I know exactly how much money I need every month to pay all my bills.
  • I am confident about how much I spend in total, every month.


You have access to more resources than you think: income, assets, time and knowledge can all be leveraged. You just need to identify them and assess whether they are working as hard as they could be. Making the most of these resources is the first step to creating a financial foundation that will free your time from working just to pay the bills. A simple stock-take will highlight if there are any gaps you need to fill.

Do you feel that you are resource-full? This principle, once audited, will identify your real position.



Do you have a plan to get from where you are now, to the life you desire? Do you currently spend enough time with your partner, family and friends? How much do you pursue your passions?

Use leverage to multiply the impact and performance of your resources and how they have been allocated.

Fail to leverage and the journey to a wealthy retirement will be a long one. Become more entrepreneurial in your financial thinking and see your life profit accordingly.



Understanding the legacy you want to create is the first step in long-term planning. We will all live so much longer than we can imagine right now and there is a real opportunity to use this time to make a positive impact on the future, our future and the future we pass on to upcoming generations.

What if you could use this time, now, to create a plan to live a more Wealthy Life?

How do you want to be remembered?

Uncover new opportunities for building your financial future!

Map out a plan for your success today!

Take the ‘Retire Wealthy and on your terms’ Audit

What other’s say…

‘Just’ taking this quick survey has been incredibly insightful and powerful. My results have galvanised me into totally re-thinking my attitudes and my responsibilities around money. I thought I had retirement all sorted – and I haven’t!

Lis Allen, International Speaker

This was the first time I have taken an online test. Initially I thought 30 questions!? But it did only take 5 minutes and the results were really interesting. It’s made me think about my financial future and retirement.

J. Fennell, Product Mananger

Thanks for the link to your audit for a wealthy retirement. I found it really simple to go through and it has added real clarity to my thinking as I’d never thought of finance in the five simple headings you used. This is vital to owner/directors like me as I’m the one responsible for my pension!

The report was very thorough and the scores in each section made it very clear where my strengths and particularly my weaknesses are. I’m now working through your book to put that right. I’d suggest that everyone should do the audit when they’re 30 so they’re ready to create the life they want, when they want.

Bob Ferguson, Owner, Bob Ferguson Communications Ltd.

The Readiness to Retire Wealthy online audit questions were really insightful and made me realise that I have to take financial provision for my retirement a lot more seriously. The personalised report gives the key questions I need to answer to get started.

Sarah Carroll, Founder of Grow Global
I’ve just been pouring over my report having taken the Readiness to Retire Wealthy online audit, what an amazing resource it is! I feel informed and empowered and able to move forward with confidence in the direction that is really right for me and my family! It feels very exciting, thank you Vicki!
Barbara Khattri, Founder of Elaworld and Elements Lifestyle

Doing Vicki Wusche’s Readiness to Retire Wealthy audit shed an important light on my finances and inspired me to look again at them in more depth. The questions were so thorough and thought provoking that I gained clarity just through filling in the questions. When the report arrived, it helped me see how I was doing and where I needed to make improvements. It was easy to use and understand. I highly recommend it, especially if you have had your head in the sand around creating your ideal life!

Helen Sanderson, Design Director Ministry of Calm

I tried the Readiness To Retire Wealthy Audit on Vicki Wusche’s website and found the questionnaire simple, thought-provoking and quick.  I discovered that while I have a healthy score, there are still several areas that need more attention.  I now know where to focus and will take steps to pick up on my planning weaknesses highlighted in the report. Thanks Vicki for this fast and very useful analysis.

Tina Fotherby, Director - Famous Publicity

Our Vision

Our mission is to help our clients create a well-funded future giving them purpose, status and the ability to leave a positive legacy for their family, community and the planet.

In return we also help those struggling in finanical hardship become more financially aware and empowered to break free of the debt-cycle, through free resources, podcasts and impactful conversations.

From personal experience Vicki understands what it is like to worry about having no money to feed her children.

No child should go hungry.

We can change this.

Don’t lower your expectations to meet your performance. Raise your level of performance to meet your expectations. Expect the best of yourself, and then do what is necessary to make it a reality.
Ralph Marston, Author

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